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28 Feb 2018

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30 Jan 2018

We welcome your participation in Metabolomics Conference 2018!!

Metabolomics has a wide-range of applications, many related to human disease and pharmaceuticals. It includes a typically diverse metabolome (collective metabolite profiles), and interactions between metabolomes and their biological systems including proteomics and cell processes such as transport and signalling, energetics, as well as epigenetics and genetic programs.

This conference will cover a spectrum of topics that are central to metabolomics and related areas of research: human health and the metabolic changes that occur in physiological and pathological processes, laboratory analytical methods, as well as informatics and modelling. The ideas and results presented will help establish a knowledge base for students, young researchers, and scientists from around the world.

We look forward to seeing you in Bangkok in February
Amandio Vieira
Simon Fraser University, Canada

Metabolomics Conference 2018

26-28 Feb, 2018 (Bangkok, Thailand)

In Association With

Malaysian Medical Association (MMA) collaborated with Cenetri Publishing Group, USA with a mutual aim of promoting and maintaining the honour and interest of the profession of medicine in all its branches and in every one of its segments and to sustain the professional standards of medical ethics. Dr. Ravichandran R Naidu, the President of MMA will represent their society and its activities along with his plenary talk on medical metabolism aspects in Metabolomics Conference 2018 in Bangkok, Thailand.

Conference Highlights

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Scientific Sessions
12 +
Keynote/Plenary Talks
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Parallel Sessions

Organizing Committee


Keynote Speakers

Plenary Speakers

Mikhail Kolonin
University of Texas

Hunter N.B. Moseley
University of Kentucky

Masamitsu Harada

Poong-Lyul Rhee
Sungkyunkwan University

Seung-Yong Seong
Seoul National University

Vikas Jaitak
Central University of Punjab

J Sreenivasa Rao
National Institute of Nutrition

Satish Kumar Adiga
Manipal University

Sujoy Ghosh
Duke-NUS Medical School

Abdel-Hamid Zaki Amer
National Research Centre

Mirian A. F. Hayashi

P.V. Prabhakar Rao
Washington university of Barbados, Barbados

Scientific Sessions

  • Metabolomic Profiling
  • Metabolomic Database
  • Metabolomic Analysis
  • Human Metabolomics
  • Single Cell Metabolomics
  • Mass Spectrometry Based Metabolomics
  • Urine Metabolomics
  • Clinical Metabolomics & Lipidomics
  • Cancer Therapeutic Approaches
  • Plant & Environmental Metabolomics
  • Metabolic Syndrome
  • Metabolomics in Precision Medicine
  • Food & Nutritional Metabolomics
  • Frontiers of Metabolomics Research
  • Metabolomic Devices
  • Therapeutic Metabolomics
  • Analytical Platforms in Metabolomics
  • Transcriptomics & Metabolic Pathways
  • Metabolic Modelling
  • Metabolism in Obesity Patients
  • Advancements in Metabolomics Research
  • Metabolism in Diabetic Patients
  • Endocrinology & Metabolism
  • Primary & Secondary Metabolites
  • Cancer Metabolism
  • Iron & Carbohydrate Metabolism
  • Bioinformatics Tools in Metabolic Pathways
  • Plant Metabolomics

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