Welcome Message

We welcome your participation in Metabolomics Conference 2018!!

Metabolomics has a wide-range of applications, many related to human disease and pharmaceuticals. It includes a typically diverse metabolome (collective metabolite profiles), and interactions between metabolomes and their biological systems including proteomics and cell processes such as transport and signalling, energetics, as well as epigenetics and genetic programs.

This conference will cover a spectrum of topics that are central to metabolomics and related areas of research: human health and the metabolic changes that occur in physiological and pathological processes, laboratory analytical methods, as well as informatics and modelling. The ideas and results presented will help establish a knowledge base for students, young researchers, and scientists from around the world.

We look forward to seeing you in Bangkok in February
Amandio Vieira
Simon Fraser University, Canada

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

It is an honor and a great pleasure to welcome you at Bangkok and share the knowledge on "Advancing Aspects in the Field of Metabolomics and Systems Biology".

After an era of genomics and concomitant expansion of the proteomics, we are getting into the metabolomics era that joints research on the collection of huge, but final number of metabolites, which make part of the metabolomes. Metabolomics aim to identify and quantify a selected or chosen number of metabolites as to understand cell dynamics, monitor drug effects, evaluate the health state of the organisms, point to biomarkers and/or other.

We are keen of knowing what are you researching on and which great discoveries are being revealed! Join us at Bangkok in an exciting adventure of sharing information on progress and knowledge in metabolomics!

And, we hope you can also find a time to enjoy the unique and splendid beauty of one of the most popular tourist destinations!

See you in February 2018

Ljubica Tasic
University of Campinas, Brazil